General tips on how to use facial mask

The facial masks are probably the easiest way to maintain a beautiful and healthy skin. There are different types of masks appropriate for different skin types. When applying a mask once or twice a week your skin will be smoother, softer and cleaner. Your can reduce blemishes, remove blackhead and whiteheads, minimize the appearance of pores.

Effects of masks are:

  • Remove the excess oil

  • Refine pores and minimize the appearance of pores

  • Cleanse and nourish the skin

  • Reduce skin irritation

  • Smooth and calm the skin

  • Moisturize the skin

  • Soften the skin

  • Reduce the number of blackheads and whiteheads

  • Lighten skin color

  • Refresh the skin

  • Stimulate blood circulation

  • Masks shouldn't be applied if:

    1) The skin infection is present

    2) The skin is sunburned

    3) If there are cuts, small wounds

    4) On to hypersensitive skin

    Before applying the mask the skin should be cleaned and free of all traces of makeup, oils. Any makeup remaining on the skin may leave to irritation and rash appearance. The mask should be applied thinly over the face. You can use a spatula or your fingers to apply the facial mask evenly. Tie your hair before applying it. The application time usually takes 10/20 minutes, depending on the mask and your skin type. Those with dry and sensitive skin should leave the mask not more than 15 minutes, and for those with oily skin 15 to 25 minutes.

    Step 1

    Cleanse your face. Don’t forget to cleanse your neck too. Whatever you are doing with your face, do it also with your neck, even when applying makeup. When you are applying moisturizer, foundation or face powder apply them on the neck, especially during the summer months.

    After your face is cleansed let it dry. The facial masks work best when they are applied on clean and dry skin.

    Step 2

    Follow the instructions written in the pack. Never leave your mask to remain on the skin for more time than it’s written on the pack. Some ingredients could do harm to the skin if they stay put more than necessarily.

    There is no need to remove the mask earlier. Once your mask is applied don’t make any facial expressions. Lie on the bed and close your eyes – feel comfortable and relax.

    Step 3

    Wash your face and neck with lukewarm water using a mild cleanser. Never rub your skin. At the end apply moisturizer, hydrating cream or tonic.

    Useful Beauty Tips:

  • After a facial, try to stay out of smoky environment and away from makeup too and let the natural glow shine through.

  • Avoid contact with the eyes.

  • Never apply a facial mask to dirty skin.

  • Make sure you have removed the mask entirely.

  • Always test the mask, especially if your skin in sensitive.

  • If you experience discomfort remove the mask immediately.

  • Always apply a moisturizer at the end.

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